Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tribute to Antonio Fernandes

It’s scientifically proved now, DNA report arrived from Hyderabad. It confirmed that the portion of the body found on highway in Mapusa in early May 2014 is indeed of missing Antonio Fernandes, an employee of River Navigation Department, Government of Goa posted at Amboi-Vanxim Ferry boat hailing from Caranzalem, Panjim.

It has also been confirmed that Antonio Fernandes was tortured to death after he went missing on April 4, 2014, the time when election code of conduct was in force in Goa for Lok Sabha elections. Post mortem report also reveals that Antonio was gagged and suffocated to death. But this is not all. He was killed by dismembering. His both legs were cut, his abdomen cut was being chopped off part by part. The murder like this can be carried on only, his both hands cut. His eyes torn apart and badly injured, his jaws hammered, his head injured. He definitely must have suffered acute bleeding as his body by person or under directions of person with advance level of satanic possession.

The intention of the killing and the identity of the killer are still not confirmed by Police and no arrests are made so far.

Two days after he went missing from Vanxim Ferry his two wheeler was found abandoned in Dhargal, Pernem. Police attached to Old Goa Police station did not take dog squad to the spot of the bike for reasons best known to them. This may either be the case of gross negligence on the part of Police or may be even something worse – active collaboration in the crime by refusing to record evidence when it is readily available at the site of the abandoned bike. This act of omission on the part of Goa police does not contribute to boosting public confidence in Goa Police as far as detecting of crimes is concerned. Every such detail is a must to be looked for evidences and for the investigations and not what Goa Police attached to Old Goa Police Station did.

 On 20th September 2014 remains of the Antonio’s body was laid to rest in funeral services at Our Lady of Rosary Church, Caranzalem, near Panjim in Taleigao cemetery attached to St. Michael’s Church. This piece of writing is a tribute to Antonio Fernandes. His killers are still at bay even though over 85 people are reportedly questioned by Goa Police at Mapusa Police Station. The horrendous nature of this murder has not only shocked his wife Maria, her sisters, her father and her loving Mother who just passed away couple of days ago out  of shock, young three children of Antonio, his brother, sister, cousins, relatives, friends and also number of people across the State of Goa and Bharat Mukti Morcha.

The murder has contributed only to further strengthen the notion that Goa is a sophisticated lawless state. Criminals in Goa can not only go scot free but they will not even be booked for not only for petty crimes but also for heinous crimes like Murder. And what a way Antonio was murdered. His murder by dismembering can be compared to the death of Graham Stein and to Jesus Christ both of whom were tortured to Death. Graham Stein was along with his two young sons was burned alive in Orissa by member of Bamani outfit. While Jesus Christ was tortured and then crucified. St. Lawrence was baked to death for gathering poor of the Rome and telling the Roman Emperor that Poor constitute wealth of the Church instead of Gold, Cash, diamonds, Silver etc. Rosa Luxemburg was dismembered and killed in Russia for exposing communist obnoxious anti-intellectualism. Chatrapati Sambaji Maharaj, son of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj too was cut including his tongue and ears into pieces as per law of Manusmriti and his body parts spread out in various places. Chatrapati Sambahaji Maharaj as well as Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj worked against bamon Raj and both of them were killed by Bamani conspiracy.  And Goa has a Bamon as a Chief Minister who is also Home Minister Manohar Parrikar.

The very fact that Antonio Fernandes was picked up in broad day light, and tortured to death confirms the degraded state of law and order situation in Goa. This case proved conclusively that Goa is a torture chamber where mulnivasi people can be abducted and chopped into pieces, put into deep freezer and whenever needed can be thrown on the road. And when police had the opportunity to detect criminal they do not press dog squad in service. Under whose directive did police carried on this act of omission is no known but ultimate responsibility rests with Home Minister who is reputed to follow up certain criminal cases minutely. If Antonio was a Bamon and was cut into pieces would Chief Minister keep this case on low priority or no priority? Sure not. Goa government that is Bamon Raj government understandably treats mulnivasi people of Goa as cows, goat, fowls, and pigs at slaughter house. Just the way the killer of Antonio does.

The priest at the funeral service Fr. Lawrence Fernandes remarked that Antonio’s murderers will never be detected for there is no justice in this World. But family members, relatives, friends and Bharat Mukti Morcha are very determined that the killers of Antonio be detected, arrested and put on trial in the Court of Law.

The murder of Antonio has created deep mental, emotional and social wounds. They can be healed only after the killers of Antonio are brought to books. Since police system has failed to detect and arrest the Killer, family members have placed the matter before God the Almighty for him to take things under his control. At the miraculous Holy Cross at Vanxim plus procession of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal statue from Navelim, Salcete and couple of times Latin Mass celebrations held will yield the required results; for Killer can fool around with humans and even law enforcing agencies - as the present case – but not with God who is Omnipotent who is Alpha and Omega (the Beginning and the End). The results are awaited very soon. Watch and Wait (the very act of every detail of our life is known to God). Nobody can fool. Even a leaf will not move without His command.

Funeral was largely attended, yet the family member of Antonio remarked “I was expecting a bus load of people from Vanxim to come for the funeral of Antonio Fernandes”. Antonio worked on Vanxim launch (gasoline) for couple of years. We should live as complete human beings having concern of whatever happens around us. This is called Humanity. Let us not live selfish.

The details of Antonio’s death were shown on TV channels plus the print media where many people have seen and read the same. People should have made lot of letters to Home Minister who is also our Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar questioning him on what he has done on such a brutal murder case that of Antonio. Is CM protecting the killers of Antonio Fernandes? Where are we Goans heading for? Is this called as brotherhood? Do we value human beings especially as Goans when we are so richly called as hospitality people? (here the word ‘Goans’ does not include bamons who are Eurasians and ruling over Mulnivasis through conspiracy).

People with integrity will never remain without doing the above. It is required my people of Goa. Let us remain awake for such a cause of humanity.

Now as the family members are proceedings with this matter to CBI let us all pray daily in our personal prayer, family prayer that the culprits are brought to books as per God’s plan.

Maggie Silveira

Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa State

Saturday, 23 August 2014


Naveed Sheikh's back after police torture at Vasco Police station
You all must have read in the Newspapers in Goa that four (4) persons from Vasco namely, Mr. Jafer Shaikh, Mr. Naveed Shaikh, Mr. Kasim Havaldar & Mr. Durgesh Surli have been arrested by the Vasco Police on 14th Aug. 2014 in connection to the stolen car dealing. The whole Vasco knows that these accused are neither Criminals nor Robbers, they are the law abiding citizen of Vasco. One of the innocent accused Mr. Jafer Shaikh is the dealer of second hand Four Wheelers. He never knew that the car which they are dealing was a stolen one. The actual seller said to Jafer that the car is a dummy piece of Showroom which they are getting in a cheaper rate and asked Mr. Jafer to find out a customer. Mr. Jafer told to Mr. Naveed and he told to Mr. Kasim and Mr. Kasim told to Durgesh. 

Naveed Sheikh, the recipient of police third degree treatment at Vasco Police station
They never knew the actual seller except Mr. Jafer and they were only a mediators. Days were passed and all of them forgotten about this car deal. Finally Mr. Durgesh, an SC brought a customer to purchase the said vehicle. Mr. Durgesh pressurized Mr. Kasim and he pressurized Mr. Naveed and he pressurized Mr. Jafar for a deal. Till now these four innocent accused were not known that the car was a stolen one. The deal of Car was kept on 14th Aug. 2014 in the evening by the purchaser. Finally Police arrested all these four innocent accused during night. Police without uniform attacked Mr. Naveed mercilessly with fits and blows. Mr. Naveed thought that the gang of Gundas might have attacked him and he tried to escape. When he was brought to the Police Station then he came to know that they were the Policemen. All these four innocent accused were brought to the Vasco Police Station to fall prey to the brutality of Police in Uniform and were mentally tortured and particular sections of IPC were robbery were forcibly imposed on them. Mr. Naveed was tortured with third degree in a Police Lock-up and he received severe injuries on his back. Wooden stick was sorcibly pushed inside his annus. Naveed was also hit on the bottom of his leg sole. He was furhter tormenteed by accusing him to be ISI agent. Now he cannot hear properly and got severe pain in his left ear. Bamon Raj wants to condemn mulnivasi muslims as ISI agents and as terrorists so that hate is generated and OBC, SC and ST are united to accept Bamon leadership.

One of the innocent accused Mr. Jafer has given the name and Telephone No. of the seller to the Police. But Police failed to trace him. The actual culprit is still at large and the innocent are harassed in a Police Lock-up. Day-by-day the crimes are getting increased in our Goa State because the Goa Police failed in arresting the real robbers - the kingpins - and instead are harassing a law abiding innocent citizen. Police Department is not bothered to curb the increased rate of crime but they are more concerned about their promotion and to receive a medals by the Department. One wonder why this same treatment is not allotted to Audooth Timblo whom Court has confirmed to have been using banned explosives for mining purpose on Hiralal Khodidas mine in Colamb, Sanguem? Why till date there is not even a criminal case registered? It is because he is a Bamon? Is not State of Goa functioning based on Manusmriti that protects Bamons?

On Monday 18th Aug. 2014, Bharat Mukti Morcha Vasco convener Mr. M. Saleem went to see these four innocent accused, but he was not allowed to meet them, instead harassed by Investigation Officer Mr. Nikhil Palyekar saying whether he might also involved in this crime. This is the way our Policemen torture common persons to demoralize the Society. How come a law abiding citizen could believe these policemen in Uniform when they behave as goondas? As is the reason the real culprits get scot free and common people are being targeted as a Criminals. Police Department is more responsible for increase in crime. We the citizen of Goa condemn such type of Police brutality in lock-up. The family members of these accused were kept in a dark and they too were not allowed to meet their family members in lock-up. Only innocent people are the criminals in Police eye. Police should not forget that they are not the decision maker but they are only the Public Servant.  One may not be wrong that it may be the Home Minister that has got police to behave in this particular manner.

All four innocent accused were released on bail on Tuesday, 19th Aug. 2014. Even while of their release on bail the Policemen in Uniform threatened them saying whether anywhere in Goa any kind of robbery takes place they will be brought to Police Station for torture. Now, these four accused are in a fear and panic that Police may arrest them in any time. 

We request all the citizen of Goa to stood up with the innocent people against Police Brutality. Concerned authorities are requested to take legal action against the so called Policemen to curb the barbaric acts on innocent in lock-up and make sure that such type of incident should not happen in future. And guilty police officers are punished.

What is more dangerous in this episode is that innocent people are implicated in the case, arrested  and then taken their pictures and published in markent places and declared them as robbers even before the trial. further they are being additionally targeted because they are muslim mulnviasis. If they were Muslim Bamons they would have never been implicated, arrested and defamed as robbers in Vasco market. One of the persons who carried on beating and kicking and third degree torture was a home guard who was put on duty on Thursday night. This home guard already had grudge against Naveed for refusing to salute him on taxi stand in Vasco when all other taxi drivers salutes him.

There has been systematic attempt to brand muslims in India as terrorists and as ISI agents. In Goa too there are attempts from Bamon rulers and newspapers. Bharat Mukti Morcha had exposed this attempt by 'Goan' newpaper owned by mining company Fomentos few years ago in collaboration of the Chief Minister of Goa who is an RSS (Racial Superiority System) cadre. You may read up by clicking here.

Bharat Mukti Morcha calls for urgent Judicial investigation on the conduct of police and home guard at Vaso police station that resulted in torture of Naveed. Bharat Mukti Morcha expresses support with Naveed and his family who is currently undergoing fearful days. Minority Bamons are ruling Goa and they have turned police department as an extended arm of thier agenda and self interest. Rightly so Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar set fire to Manusmriti in Mahad in 1927, December 25 and we need to set it on fire in Goa every breath of our lives.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Goa Electricity department buckles under corporate and Bamon Raj pressure

 Resorts to confidential public correspondence

Goa's electricity department has taken unprecedented step of engaging with Maggie Silveira in Confidential correspondence. The matter that is subject of correspondence has been aggression and threats issued by Manoj Parab of Vanxim and a government servant. More details on this incident of July 29, 2014 is available. Do click here.  The letter from Electricity department has been reproduced here in public interest.

No. 2-4-80/(116)/CEE-CNF/(N)/64
Office of the
Chief Electrical Engineer,
Electricity Department,
Government of Goa,
Vidyut Bhavan, 4th Floor,
Panaji – Goa.
Dated:  08/08/2014.

Mrs. Maggie Silveira,
Vanxim, Diwar,
Ilhas – Goa
Sub: Complaint against Shri. Manoj Parab, an employee of this Department.
Ref:- Your letter dated 31st July, 2014.
This office is in receipt of your complaint letter dated 31st July 2014 on the above subject matter and it is to inform you that the dispute seems to be of property matter and the incident occurred on 29th July 2014 i.e. Public Holiday.
In this regard, you are kindly requested to take up the said matter before the appropriate Court of Law for settlement. If any complaint has been lodged against the said Shri Manoj Parab before the Police Authority, a copy of the same may please be furnished to this office for further needful action.

Yours faithfully,
Dy.Director (Admn.)
Copy to:-
1)      File No.2-4-80/CEE-CNF/(N)/
2)      Guard File.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Corruption in Education: Chain agitation begins at Azad Maidan

Maggie Silveira, President of Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa Unit addressing the protestors at Azad Maidan, Panjim on 15th August 2014. She pledged support and expressed solidarity to the Annay Nivaran Kruti Samiti. She said that the corruption affairs at Dr.Ambedkar English High School,Cuchelim, Bardez are deplorable.

On13 august 2014 the first day of the chain agitation or the sakhali uposhan was held at azad maidan, Panjim. The uposhan time was from 10am to 5 pm.

The uposhan started at 10 am The members of the schedule caste community along with the members of Anaya nirvana kruthi samaiti taking a bigger step against the government for not looking into the issue of corruption and ill legal things happening in the Dr.Baba saheb Ambedkar high school Cuchalim, Bardez, Goa. This chain agitation is carried out due to negligence of the government towards this big issue. 

The chain agitation will be from 13th August to 15 august and it may be continued further till the government look  into the matter with a proper solution. From 10 am to 5 pm all the members of the schedule caste community were waiting for the chief minister to visit them  for atleast 5 to 10 minutes but same as last time (30th July 2014).

The press played a very important role in this issue, they are along with the samiti from day one of the formation of the samiti and till date they are along with the samiti. The press named  Prudent media, hcn, video volunteers, tarun bharat, gomantak, gomantak times visited the spot on 13 August 2014. The response of the press was too good towards this serious issue. They highlighted all the demands of samaiti and brought it to the notice of all the people of Goa and schedule caste community who were not aware of real fact that was going on in the said school and how Akhargekar in the name of Baba Saheb utilizing the money for his personal need.

This first day shows that no one is interested in solving the problems of the schedule caste community and the minority.  Nor the chief minister nor the members of the legislative assembly. The only demand is to have a C.B.I inquiry against N.G.Akhagerkar and the management of the school.and followed by all other demands.
The demands of the samiti were highlighted by the press few days back in the news paper but again to remind you all the demands of the samiti they are as follows. 
            THE DEMANDS
1. Immediately initiate C.B.I inquiry in to the sources of money availed for the construction of school building. 
2. Stop corrupt practices in Dr . Ambedkar English High School. Kuchalim. 
3. Handover the school and the educational society to the SC community. 
4. Initiate C.B.I inquiry of employees recruitment process by Akhargekar and school management. 
5. Immediately dissolve corrupt Executive body of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Education society. 
6. Immediately dissolve the corrupt and bias school management. 
7. Immediately appoint administrator on school management. 
8. Put an end to the monopoly of Akhargekar family over school management and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar education society. 
9. Revoke illegal termination order of teacher.
10. Initiate C.B.I inquiry into movable and immovable property of Akhargekar in Goa, Poona and else where.

Our request to the government to have a C.B.I inquiry of all the demands. The first day chain agitation or sakhali uposhan ended at 5 pm. Again to remind you all that the chain agitation will continue till 15 august 2014. And if necessary it will continue further and it might become aggressive or may lead to hunger strike if government doesn't take immediate steps over this issue.

The chain agitation was continued on the second day all the members of the SC community along with the Anaya nivaran kruthi samaiti members were gathered at 10 am on azaid maidan on 14 August 2014. The members were eager and were waiting for someone from the ministry to visit them, but same thing continued on the second day nobody came.

The media and the press visited the spot, they ask many questions and members replied to the questions, by saying have a C.B.I inquiry into this matter. While speaking to the media one of the member named Namdev Dhargalkar said that this agitation will continue also on 15 august. 15 august were the nation will enjoy the taste of happiness and joy of freedom but the schedule caste community sitting here on chain agitation on 15 august is a shameful activity for the government of the this state.

The same thing happened on 15 august nobody was interested in tackling the problems faced by this community and society at large. The chain agitation continued till 5 pm.and through this it is clear that the government is not interested in solving the problems of the S.C community and its also clear that this  government is not capable to run the government and the state because if you are not capable of solving people's grivences then why we need such government.

The struggle is not stopped here, the one day struggle ( dharna)  let to 3 days chain agitation ( sakhali uposhan) now sakhali uposhan will led to big and large protest against the government for not looking into the matter and the demands of the samiti.

जय भीम!                                                                    जय मूलनिवासी!