Saturday, 21 November 2015

Police complaints filed by Fr. Bismarque before his murder

Here are the scanned copies of the two complaints filed by Fr. Bismarck on threats he received. One complaints above in Marathi is dated 30th August 2015 and the accused is one Mancio J. Monteiro @ Jack Monteiro resident of Miramar and native of St. Estevam, Juva. Complaint was registered under sections 504, 352, 506 Indian Penal Code. Fr. Bismarque was threatened on 30th August 2015 at about 17.00 hours at Casa da Povo Hall, St.Estevam, Juva. The case was to be submitted to Court under section 155 of Code of Criminal Procedure. The copy is also marked to be submitted to SDPO Panaji through P.I. Old Goa Police Station. The complaint has two signatures of Fr. Bismarque Dias, r/o St. Estavam, Palmar. Non-Cognizable complaint.

The second complaint Fr. Bismark filed at Old Goa Police station on 04/11/2015 against Mr.Assuncao Rubin Fernandes of St.Estevam. The accused is mentioned as Fr.Bismarque's neighbour. and fight took place at 10.50 am. Fr.Bismarque was threatened again.This complaint is registered under section 506, 352 of IPC. Non-Cognizable Complaint.

You may download these pictures for reference or get the fresh copies from Old Goa Police Station.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Press Release on Fr.Bismarque Dias murder, mobile tower radiation, trawler and water sports threats to fishing and more

I.      Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM) today observed two minutes silence in memory of Fr. Bismarque and those killed in terror attacks in Paris. BMM had a detail discussion on the shockingly torture and murder of late Fr. Bismarque Dias. BMM calls for immediate arrests and trial of those responsible for this murder. Goa Chief Minister must refrain from making irresponsible statements on Fr.Bismarque’s murder. If Chief Minister Parsekar feels incapable to admit the facts surrounding Fr. Bismarque’s murder then he must resign immediately. All Social Activists of Goa, Family members of Fr.Bismarque and People of Goa cannot be taken for granted anymore as Goans are known for what they are; as and when required they will act accordingly. As Chief Minister is holding the portfolio of Home Ministry, that doesn’t mean he can come out with statements as he is pleased with. Fr. Bismarque’s death is a murder, that too a tortured one. Manipulating the reports etc will not help. Truth will prevail that it is a murder. Long Live Fr. Bismarque’s good works for Vanxim, Tiracol, Carmona, Tuem and much more beyond. This murder has elevated Fr.Bismarque to the category of Martyr. Adeus Fr.Bismarque.

II.                    BMM calls for immediate cancellation of all the permissions for water sports activities in Zuari River granted by Captain of Ports to the officials of Hotel Grand Hyatt in Bambolim. This water sports activity in Zuari river has disrupted the fishing activities. Superintendent of Police, Coastal Security, Panjim in a letter dated 30.10.2015 to BMM has confirmed that it is the Captain of Ports that has granted the permissions for this. According to police report Captain of Ports, Government of Goa Panjim, has permitted officials of Hotel Grand Hyatt to carry on water sports activities within the area of Hyatt Bambolim Beach within 200 meters of shore to sea upto 01 Nautical Mile. This permission is not acceptable to the local Fishermen and BMM is opposed to this anti-fishing decision of the Captain of Ports and also as Hotel Grand Hyatt is fully illegal.

III.                   BMM welcomes decision of the Goa Police to increase the surveillance of Zuari River to curb illegal fishing activities as stated in this very letter. However Police letter does not mention the illegal fishing that is destructive ecology that is being carried on through trawling inspite of so many complaints from BMM.

IV.                  BMM also objects to the attempts of the Director of Fisheries Shamila Monteiro to pressurize fishermen objecting illegal trawling in Zuari River. It is well established fact that the sustained dragging of mobile gear (nets with all the weights, otterboards and chains) across the sea floor has been compared to the clear felling of tropical rainforest. These nets disturb the riverbed and alter its complexity, reduce benthic production and lead to substantial changes in benthic community structure and habitat. Moreover, these disturbed soft bottom habitats may never return to their earlier or ‘pristine’ state and often taken over by weedy species, similar to those that take over the clear felled patches in tropical rainforests.

V.                   The way Fisheries department is administrating its affairs is pathetic. Shamila Monteiro is not fit to direct this department as she told fisherman from Siridao Soccorro Braganza on 12th November 2015 in her cabin that she is ignorant of the laws that prohibit trawlers from carrying on fishing within 5 kms from the sea shore and inside the rivers. This means Director is not even aware of the reasons as to why her department has given licenses to so many trawlers to carry on fishing in Arabian Sea and not in any of the rivers of Goa, and what could be the ecological harmful impacts trawlers are inflicting on the marine ecology.

VI.                  BMM congratulates Betul, Naqueri, Quittol, and Canaguinim in Quepem taluka coast for their opposition to the Defence expo project on Naqueri plateau on November 08, 2015 Gram Sabha meeting. The project promoted by India’s defense minister Manohar Parrikar is nothing but the land grab of 6 lakh square meters, area including runway for aircrafts. BMM is aware of the intense struggle of the people of these villages to fight land grab for Golf Course in 1993-95 period against the then Government headed by late Dr.Wilfred de Souza. Then during 2006-2007 government forcefully took over this land for Food Park but actually to be developed for 800 villas and Golf Course by London based real estate group - Claremont. Due to the public protest this land grab too did not materialized. Now another land grab is attempted in the name of Defense Expo.

VII.                 BMM extends support and solidarity with people from Betul, Naqueri, Quittol, Canaguinim and neighboring villages’ people opposing this defense expo from Cabo-da-Rama, Nuem, Velim etc. Defense expo is located on this Naqueri plateau only to deprive land to the future generation of the local residents and to drive local people to the brink of desperation and landlessness. BMM protests with the Ministry of Defense, New Delhi as well as with Indian Air Force for imposing Defense expo on Goa.

VIII.               BMM is shocked to note inaction of Goa State Pollution Control Board and Bambolim Panchayat on the complaints against mobile towers in Bambolim and Nauxim villages at Adea de Goa premises. Mobile towers are threat to public health due to radiation threats. Even though people of Bambolim are subjected to radiation due to these mobile towers local Panchayat has chosen to hide under the excuse that these mobile towers has all permissions from Goa State Pollution Control Board. Officials at Pollution Control Board are not affected by radiation due to these mobile towers and it is not expected that they should be bothered about public health of Bambolim and surrounding villages. Other wise NOC cor mobile towers would have been revoked the moment objections to it are filed. There is state of administrative paralysis in the functioning of Goa State Pollution Control Board. It is limping due to influence of money bags and power of the rich. Bambolim Panchayat must not follow the example of Goa State Pollution Control Board and get itself infested in administrative paralysis.

IX.                  BMM also note with serious concern the way democratic process has been subverted and Panchayats and Municipalities has been bypassed in granting of NOC to the Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited to install Ground Based Masts (GBMs) to provide 4 G broadband services across Goa in Panchayat and Municipality areas in adjacent to National Highways. NOC for this has been granted by the office of the Superintending Engineer PWD, Panjim. BMM is also concerned that these GBMs are entrusted with the task of surveillance by installing CCTV cameras on Highways packaged as ‘facility for general public’.

X.                   BMM also condemns high handed attitude of Bambolim Talathi Prameya P. Prabhu Miringker displayed while on site inspection of traditional path ways and public cross by Hotel Grand Hyatt on 23.10.2015 in Bambolim. Mr. Miringker was carrying on site inspection based on complaint of Rohidas Andrade to the Tiwadi mamlatdar. Mr. Miringker told Rohidas Andrade that Hotel Grand Hyatt can do anything they want and no one can object. This statement is evidence that Talathi is biased in his mindset in favour of luxury hotel. BMM considers this as mockery of democracy.


Maggie Silveira,

President, Goa State Unit

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Let us March in Action, Glory and a Rich Treasured Tribute

It was on this day four years ago on 12 November 2011 that 4 ladies - Maggie Silveira, Swati Tari, Anuradha Volvoikar and Deepika Tari - protesting against the bamani aggression of Vanxim Island in Tiswadi were arrested and released on bail past mid-night on the wee hours of 13th November 2011 at 2.00 am after stiff combat between the police and the protestors. Late Fr. Bismarque Dias was with the protestor at that moment in solidarity till 2.00 am early dawn. Arrests were of ladies defending vanxim against combined might of Mahendra Gaunekar, Ozone corporate, Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao, MLA Pandurang Madkaikar and then Old Goa Police Inspector Francis Corte (who was suspended on the spot by then Goa DGP Yadav and demoted: after being caught red-handed in Vasco while distributing cash during 2012 Goa State Assembly Election campaign). Dear Fr. Bismarque your loving kindness, goodness and deep concern for Vanxim and vanshekars means everything to us.

Now in 2015 four years later Fr.Bismarque Dias mysteriously found dead with injuries emanating from blows on his body face, groin, and blood oozing out of private parts on November 06, 2015 early morning at St.Estavam Island Mandovi river as per available public information in press.

While investigations are on by police we take stock of few issue perpetuated by Bamon Raj in Vanxim currently. This police case has turned into Criminal Court Case at magistrate court in Panjim as Maggie Silveira and others V/s State of Goa. Three women involved Swati Tari, Anuradha Volvoikar and Deepika Tari has been acquitted and case against Maggie Silveira is on. At the last hearing on November 03, 2015 complainant Bruno Ferrao, Manager – administration, Ozone corporate was summed in the witness box. He deposed that he wrote a letter to Old Goa Police Station asking for the withdrawal of these cases against Maggie Silveira, Swati Tari, Anuradha Volvoikar and Deepika Tari after being forced to do so by Police. Judge did not accept his explanation. He then told the Judge that in case she tells him to withdraw the case then he will withdraw. Judge told Bruno Ferrao that she cannot tell him to withdraw the case since the case and he has to consult his company who ordered him in the first place to file the case.

The mundkarial houses and the land they occupy for many years had the legal relationship of lease between the residents of Vanxim and the Santa Monica. Now this relationship is sort to be changed into legal sale agreements. This involves as per latest information payments to the Bishop’s house a very hefty amount. Rs.350/ per square meter for he land occupied by mundkarial house and Rs.1350/- for the surrounding claimed land. These rates are disputed by most of the people even though few have agreed and paid the amount at this rate.

Majority of Vanxim parishioners and residents are opposed to these rates and have protested. Since people do not have financial capacity to pay this much amount they may be pushed into loan and if not repaid into debt which is the likely situation. This is resorted purposefully in collusion with wider conspirators.
One may resort to the principles of loans outlined in the popular free masonic document aiming at global domination. “Every kind of loan proves infirmity in the State and a want of understanding of the rights of the State. Loans hang like a sword of Damocles over the heads of rulers, who, instead of taking from their subjects by a temporary tax, come begging with outstretched palm to our bankers. Foreign loans are leeches which there is no possibility of removing from the body of the State until they fall off of themselves or the State flings them off. But the GOY States do not tear them off; they go on in persisting in putting more on to themselves so that they must inevitably perish, drained by voluntary blood-letting.”

Though this is with regard to the wider institutions like states the pattern of enslavement is similar at individual and community level. 

David Graeber in his book ‘Debt: The first 5000 years’ has provided interesting insights in this regard. He has taken reference to the French anthropologist Jean-Claude Galey who encountered this type of situation in a region of eastern Himalaya in 1970s. “There low ranking castes – they were referred to as “the vanquished ones,” since they were thought to be descended from a population once conquered by the current landlord caste many centuries before – lived in a situation of permanent debt dependency. Landless and penniless, they were obliged to solicit loans from the landlords simply to find a way to eat – not for money, since sums were paltry, but because poor debtors were expected to pay back the interest in the form of work, which meant they were at least provided with food and shelter while they cleaned out their creditor’s outhouses and reroofed their sheds. For the “vanquished” – as for most people in the world, actually – the most significant life expenses were weddings and funerals. These required a good deal of money, which always had to be borrowed. In such cases it was common practice, Galey explains, for high-caste moneylenders to demand one of the borrower’s daughters as security. Often, when a poor man had to borrow money for his daughter’s marriage, the security would be the bride herself. She would be expected to report to the lender’s household after her wedding night, spend a few months there his concubine, and then, once he grew bored, be sent off to some nearby timber camp, where she would have to spend the next year or two as a prostitute working off her father’s debt. Once it was paid off, she’d return to her and begin her married life.
This seems shocking, outrageous even, but Galey does not report any widespread feeling of injustice. Everyone seemed to feel that this was just the way things worked. Neither was there much concern voiced among the local Brahmins, who were the ultimate arbiters in the matters of morality – though this is hardly surprising, since the most prominent moneylenders were often Brahmins themselves.”

In Vanxim the change in relationship from lease to Sale of land at high price is pushed through for twin purpose of pushing people into debt and opening possibilities for Ozone corporate to pressurize individuals to sell off their houses to Ozone and pack off from Vanxim. Bharat Mukti Morcha objects to this strategy of enslavement and will continue to create public awareness on these aspects.

After four years of Vanxim arrests Maggie Silveira is all set to take on Ozone corporate, Mahendra Gaunekar and Bruno Ferrao and all others who were involved on paper. The real count down will begin now. Wait and watch. Yes, the count down… going to begin where Maggie will lead it. And this will give late Fr.Bismarque Dias a fitting tribute in action as lasting happiness doesn’t come from what you get, but from what you give.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Hand shake

My right hand I extend

Awaits you to reciprocate

A friendship in struggle

On the banks of Zuari River

Struggle is on

Battle lines drawn

On one side are fisher people

On the opposite side are trawler owners

On the one side are fisher people

On the opposite hand are Luxury hotels:

Grand Hyatt and Aldeia de Goa.

On the one side are fisher people

On the opposite side are Marinas.

They all battle for land

On the banks of River Zuari

They all battle for space on river water for fishing

They battle technology and echelons of power

How long, how far

The battle is to spark fire?

How wide, how deep

Trawlers are to play havoc with ecology?

How long State is to condone the damage?

The land that hosts Goa University

Tribal people cultivated cucumber, chilies and more

People displaced to build Goa University

People forced to get into fishing.

And now it’s new breaking news:

Marina in Nauxim

Marina in Sancoale

Fishermen from close and far

Sought to be pushed to periphery

Marinas needed to boost high end tourism

Fisher people but pushed to dead end.

Once Goa University kicked out tribal people

And they turned into fishermen of Zuari River.

Now MPT kicks them second time

And they are to turn into burning coal.

Logic of the system pretty simple and clear

Kick everyone who is not a Brahmin

So don’t worry we are still friends

And I extend my hand for a hand shake.

Sebastian Rodrigues